A healthy commercial fishery is one of the best indicators of a healthy marine environment

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Labour Market Survey

The BC Commercial Fishing Caucus, with the help of an industry governance committee and researchers at Malatest & Associates, has been working on an innovative labour market report that examines the key human resource issues facing the fishing sector, and the interaction of these issues with marine trades and blue economy HR needs.

A survey of employers in both BC’s commercial fishing sector as well as in the blue economy sector in BC will be launched in mid September 2023. The goal of this work is to better understand the sectors’ labour needs, the impacts of new technologies, skills requirements, training in digital skills for employees, document innovative approaches, as well as to identify transferable skills and seasonality in related sectors of the blue economy.

If you’re a blue economy employer, processor, seafood grower,  independent harvester, or owner-operator, please take the time to complete this survey.

The survey is accessible online at www.bcfishing.malatest.com.